Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School...

It's day 178 at 365 Cards, and the theme for today was 'Back to School'. I decided to make a little bulletin board project complete with a ginormous paper clip, and a calendar. This first photo shows the whole project. You can't see it, but there is a black satin ribbon at the top to hang it with....

Next is a shot of the calendar. I didn't have a lot of back to school related stamps, so I used my Printmaster Program for some of the graphics, and for the calendar page.

Here's a better view of the little 6 x 6 cork tile. I stamped a couple of TAC apples, and a TAC sentiment, which reads "these are the days to remember".

Finally, a ginormous paperclip finishes the project. These I purchased a long time ago at our local office supply store, and just haven't used them until tonight.

I hope that you all have pleasant dreams! I fought a naggy headache all day, and I'm going to give in to it soon and go to bed!

Shirley, if you are reading, I apologize for not calling you back. DS, DH and DH again, all called, and by the time they hung up the last time, it was 10:20. I will talk to you in the a.m. Enjoy your walk!

Good night all...

Patti J.

Worries are like golf strokes - those with the fewest are the winners!


  1. Patti this is awesome, what an awesome project...love your clip with the image....just perfect!!!

  2. Love It!!! How cute is this and practical too. Great project.

  3. Very cute project, inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully my mojo would come back sometime....

  4. Great project, Patti!! LOVE the big ol' paper clip with that cute image... this would be a great giftie set :)

  5. As always, Patti, an awesome take on the the challenge. And thanks for your comments on mine! Just to let you know, we got the JustRite Stampers at Archiver's at Chesterfield Mall. I haven't used mine too much but very easy to do when I did! ;) Aloha, Kim

  6. This is a GREAT project! Hope your headache is better today!

  7. What a great project! So many neat ideas on it! I've still got to do my "Back to School" challenge! ~~Pam

  8. What a perfectly adorable project! Great colors and that little paperclip is so cute! Hope you're feeling better today.

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  11. I love the thought for the day! I'll have to tell that one to Paul. And I love your clever calendar project!

  12. This is amazingly awesome!!! I've moved my desk in my classroom this year before realizing it was not near anything magnetic or a bulletin board. I think I'll need to attempt one of these to hang on the side of the closet....in all my spare time! Beautiful work!